Food and family make up a big part of our Easter celebration. I’ve shared a few of our Easter family favorites last month, but this asparagus recipe is one of my personal favorites.

My father used to grow asparagus, among other spring vegetables and fruits, in our backyard. I sure miss those special fresh-from-the-garden treats!

I will never forget having asparagus, apparently from the can, at a friend’s home. I didn’t even recognize the green mushy stuff. I was so spoiled having a daddy with a green thumb who could grow anything, including crisp, green spring asparagus. Though I do remember, not so fondly, having to clean up the kitchen after he cooked. He was a great cook, like my mom, but not so great at cleaning up.

I will always miss those fresh vegetables that were cooked only moments after being plucked from the garden. I am happy that we are now able to enjoy fresh asparagus found at the farmers’ market, but it still doesn’t compare to that grown in the backyard.

Here’s a favorite recipe for this springtime vegetable, considered to be one of the world’s healthiest foods.

Tell Me: What’s your favorite veggie side dish for Easter?