Introducing a new TV Series for Girls in Tech!



Women setting an example for other women, especially our daughters and granddaughters, has never been more important. That’s why today’s post is especially relevant and I hope you will share it!

One of my dear friends, Toni Steedman Zelickson, an Emmy Award-winning producer, has an incredible new TV series called Quinn & the Quips that will help kids navigate the social curves of the new digital world and inspire girls to get involved in technology.

Alex Anderson, creator of Quinn, Toni Steedman Zelickson, founder of Blue Socks Media and Yolanda Davis are the trio behind Quinn & the Quips.

Quinn, the heroine is a spunky 11-year techie gamer who unwittingly releases an army of emoji-like quips from her latest game and must figure out how to control and protect them while balancing a complicated adolescent social life. She’s supported by great friends and a quirky grandmother named BeBe, who sees the gaming world from a different perspective as a former professional card player! It’s a fun and funny show with heart and a message.



Quinn & the Quips is in the early stages and, while networks are interested and meetings have already started, Toni and her team want to put all options on the table so that they can better control Quinn’s fate. That’s where crowd funding and building a powerful supportive community comes into this story.

The media world has changed dramatically. Viewers have many more choices and participate in the experience like never before in history. Think YouTube with 1 billion views per day! That’s why, one week ago, Toni and her team at Blue Socks Media launched a Kickstarter campaign to seed the early development and build a community to back the show. The campaign’s goal is $50,000 and runs through June 6.


For a small contribution, you don’t own anything, but you are on the inside as the project grows, get cool swag and help cheer it on. To find out more about Quinn & the Quips and how the Kickstarter campaign works, click here.

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