Wearing fur began long ago as simply a way of staying warm, but somehow the Stone Age look evolved into a luxurious fashion statement.  Being an animal lover, it is wonderfully encouraging for me to see luxury designers and consumers are now embracing FAUX FUR, not just for moral and ethical reasons, but also for making a fabulous fashion statement.  New techniques with textiles make it not only look fabulously real, but feel just as warm without feeling heavy. Even better is the fact that my favorite faux fur is actually the kind that doesn’t even pretend to be real, but instead comes in bold colors and dramatic silhouettes.

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There are some who believe that making fake fur look so real encourages the wearing of real animal fur.  It’s no secret that animals are BEAUTIFUL, but now they don’t have to die for us to also be cozy, warm, and fabulous in FAUX fur. We can imitate beauty without being cruel. I proudly tell people who comment on my fur that it is definitely not real.

One of the most well known designers kindly using fake fur in her collections for years is Stella McCartney.   This vegan animal advocate prominently labels her gorgeous fur garments with “Fur Free Fur”. She even places the label on the outside.


My favorite new fur-free designer is  (pictured below), the British founder of the company Shrimps. I have several of her pieces because, in addition to being colorful, warm and Pop Art fun, they are very reasonably priced. Her designs are witty and wonderful and can be dressed up or down. She also does accessories including vests, scarves, handbags and charms.

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Fake fur can be glamorous or fun, sophisticated or practical and ALWAYS kind, gentle and loving. It’s also great time of year to find it on sale!

Tell Me: Are you a fan of faux fur?