For years now, I have endured the trend of a certain reptile overtaking the fashion world.  God gave me a huge heart for all animals, except that one particular reptile. My phobia will not allow me to even type the name, but you’ve seen their image, skin and faux skin everywhere. Don’t get me wrong – I’m fine with other reptiles and even had a pet lizard as a child, but this one with no shoulders can make me hyperventilate just seeing a photo.

I don’t wish them harm. I just don’t choose to adorn myself with them.  Even my love for beautiful, fashionable clothes did not win me over to the serpent trend.  I’ve been patient, thinking it will go away.

And finally, FINALLY, my favorite cute, cuddly, furry creatures are showing up on the runway. Cats are IN! 

For a long time, clothing bearing cute critters was not worn by “cool-girls” over the age of seven.  While all who know me know my love for my precious cats, I’ve been very subtle in proclaiming my love through fashion. For instance, I have a tiny little paw pendant of rose gold with a speck of diamond in the center, another white gold Roberto Coin cat necklace with the tiniest little sapphire eyes, and one more outline of a feline in miniscule diamonds on a gold chain.

For about three years, I have also longed for a gorgeous gold Marie Helene de Taillac tiny cat charm with a bell around his neck that rings.  I saw it at Capitol Clothing in Charlotte and told myself that three cat necklaces may be enough, but I still hope to own it!

It looks like now is the time for me to stock up and go bold with my cat obsession.  Major designers have made cats so very cool.  And these aren’t cat caricatures; these fashion images look like the genuine fabulous felines – and I couldn’t be more thrilled and plan to flaunt my feline obsession!

Here are a few of my favorites and where they can be found:

Dries Van Noten has chosen a faux fur pattern that looks just like my calico cat.  They even have the same name!


I’m quite a fan of this Vivetta Cat Dress, found at Capitol Clothing as well:



Another great way to incorporate cats into your wardrobe? Footwear! Loving these Camilla Elphick leather ankle boots, found at

4Cats are also great on skirts. I love these options below! Pictured on the left is the MSGM Cat Patch Wool Crepe Skirt, and on the right is the Stella McCartney Cat-Embroidered A-Line Skirt, available at Neiman Marcus.


This fall, wearing your furry friends on your outwear is also an option in this Dolce & Gabbana Oversize Tweed Coat with Kitty Cat Embellishment:


Tell Me: Have you ever worn your favorite furry friend on your clothing?