Shopping is so much fun, but sometimes the fun overrides my wisdom in buying. I’m probably not alone in getting caught up in the moment, or being certain that an item that I love will love me back if I lose a pound or two, or believe that I will look as chic or cool as the very tall, very skinny model does in those amazing pants.

Consignment to the rescue for shopping mistakes or fabulous finds! I’ve been selling designer clothes on consignment for years and I recently discovered the excitement and gratification of BUYING from consignment stores.


In fact, I just bought this pair of luxurious Gucci brown velvet pants still BEARING ALL THE TAGS for a mere fraction of what they sold for in stores. I am so proud of my new treasure! I’m hooked!


screen-shot-2012-11-27-at-3-01-53-pmHaving sold on consignment for years, I’ve discovered a place that meets all the criteria that works for me and may be perfect for you, too. There are so many from which to choose these day, but The Real Real is really great for me because of some unique things they provide. Why do I like them so much for selling? And buying?

  • They have representatives around the country, as well as internationally, who will come to your home, go through your items and let you know what they believe they can sell for you. They pack up the items, ship them (at no cost to you) and the next thing you know you are getting some money back. And you never left your home or hauled around anything. Beverly Sokol, one of the representatives, is also one of the nicest people I have ever met. It was her kind, friendly down to earth nature that made me even look into this and keeps me selling and now buying.
  • Your commission begins at 60% of the selling price and after you sell a certain amount, that commission goes to 70%. Woo- Hoo! Very few consignment stores off a commission that high.
  • They provide a list for you of exactly what they have of yours so you can keep track.
  • You can also keep track of everything on their website: where you can see photos of your things, the price they are asking and the price they are sold.
  • They sell internationally so everything is in season somewhere! You don’t have to wait to sell anything.
  • Once a month you receive a check or you can use the money earned to BUY on the site.

A few warnings to avoid disappointments: They don’t take everything you want them to take. They have a complete list of designers and your items must be by one of them, but it is a very long list. You can learn those names online at their website. The items must be in excellent condition. While those things might bother you a little when selling, they are great for buying because you know that you are getting authentic designer clothes in almost pristine condition at a fraction of the price.

In fact, my brand-new Gucci pants have spoiled me a little. I love to go to the site and just type in what I am looking for and boom – there are a variety of pages from which to choose!

Other enjoyable aspects of shopping consignment at The Real Real include:

  • You can search for exactly what you want…color, size, fabric, etc they have thousands of items.
  • They sell for women, men and children, including clothing, jewelry, accessories and shoes. They also sell art and some home decor.
  • They have special daily sales in a variety of categories as well as daily editor picks.
  • Returns are easy.
  • Most all questions you may have can be found on the website

If you’d like more information about The Real Real, click here to send me an email. Happy buying and selling!

Tell Me: What are your favorite consignment stores?