Many of you reading this have never experienced driving on Independence Boulevard/Hwy 74 between Charlotte and Monroe in North Carolina. Congrats to you, because it is a very congested highway with lots of construction and multiple lanes of speeding cars. Even so, it is the best option for driving to the beach.

I was returning from a beach trip last Sunday when the car in front of me began to slow down and then stopped, as did the cars in all six lanes going in both directions.

I was able to pull over to a side road to see what was going on with most everyone out of their cars. I quickly spotted the reason. Attempting to scamper across this highway, teeming with fast cars, was a very tiny, fuzzy black and white kitten. Intimidated and daunted by all the commotion and attention, the adorable little feline ran under one of the cars.  As many people as possible circled the car so that someone could scoop the kitten up as it tried to escape. All of this is happening on a hot, busy Sunday afternoon with people eager to get home, yet not one person blew their horn.

The cute little cat raced out into the arms of a kind young woman ready to help, just like dozens of others. There were huge smiles and sighs of relief as the little kitten was captured.

Being an active animal rescuer, I quickly made my way over to the woman holding the kitten to ask if she was aware of how to make sure it gets rescue and finds a forever home. She assured me that she did, so we then all got back in our cars and continued on our journeys.

It was enormously gratifying and encouraging to see how everyone came together to do something meaningful and good for an innocent little creature who could do nothing to reciprocate. The crowd was made up of every age, race, religion, gender and party affiliate. A little kitten brought us all together and assured us all that, in spite of the rancor we are bombarded with everyday, the majority of people are kind, caring, and willing to help each other. We were all brought together for the common good.

I sure would love to see more coverage of this kind of news.

Tell Me: Have you ever helped a furry friend while on the road?