There are so many reasons that I love the military jacket trend, and I couldn’t be happier that it is bigger and better than ever this spring. As practical as it has always been, I was never drawn to this timeless piece until designers added wonderful feminine touches that we are seeing this year such as embroidery, appliques, lace, pompoms, braid and other garment garnishes, while still staying true to it’s olive military base color.

This versatile, comfortable jacket allows you to give your go-to denim jacket a rest now and then. Unlike denim’s closer fit jackets, the slightly larger military jacket fits over everything, including sweaters leading up to spring and then tops, blouses and dresses for cool nights as things warm up.

It’s the perfect jacket for these awkward days with 40 degree temperature swings as we transition from winter to spring. It will then serve us the same way from fall to winter. It’s a great investment piece that is often very reasonably priced, too! For instance you can find them priced from less than $100 all the way up to a couple of thousand.

Here are a few examples of looks I love:

La Vie Embroidered Twill Military Jacket, $375 (Click here for more information)

George J. Love Jacket, $180 (Click here for more information

V by Very Badge Detail Military Jacket, $75 (Click here for more information

Mine in the photo below is by designer Alessandro Chamonix. She did several styles, but I was drawn to this one with pink and chartreuse dragonfly appliques and a gold trimmed belt.

I wear it with skirts for shopping or lunching, like this hi-lo favorite by Vivetta (it has animals on it). It’s perfect for running errands and walking in my Derek Lam 10 Crosby cropped jeans and Adidas superstars. It is truly all-purpose.

I also like this dressed up military vest being shown to me here by talented stylist Joslin Cuthbertson at Capitol Charlotte. 

He has such a special eye for personalizing fashion and  making it all work together beautifully for the budget, taste and lifestyle of each client.  Hmmm. Vests are versatile, too. Too much of a good thing is….great!

Tell Me: Which fashion trend are you looking forward to this spring?