We all get stressed out from time to time, but what is the best way to deal with it? When extra sleep or a trip to the gym may not be enough, there are alternative options that will help to reduce your stress level.

In honor Stress Awareness Month, read on for unique (and fun) ways to clear your mind and focus on the good.

Be Kind: It’s so important to me to be kind – and when I do good, I feel good. Try volunteering or donating to a worthy cause.

Try an Adult Coloring Book:  Coloring books for adults are wildly popular. Research suggests the activity of coloring can have benefits such as stress relief and reduced anxiety. 

Have a Picnic: Did you know Vitamin D helps to reduce pressure? Head outdoors and get some Vitamin D when you’re stressed!

Plan a Vacation: Taking a break from work-related stress is definitely worth your while. Planning a trip is time-consuming – and exciting. It can help you you’re your mind off the things that are bothering you the most. What’s more, vacationing not only helps you to relax, but also allows you to recharge.

Go Dancing: When you get your body in motion – whether its dancing or exercising – your body releases endorphins aka the “feel-good” brain chemicals. If you’re not in the mood to head to the gym or to a music venue, try busting a move at home and dancing like nobody is watching.

Tell Me: How do you relieve stress?