Many people mistakenly believe that their lawn needs less care during autumn, however they’re mistaken. With the cooler weather and sporadic rainfall, fall is actually the perfect time to prep your lawn for the spring season.

Read on for helpful tips on how to take advantage of fall’s weather and improve the appearance of your yard ahead of next year.

Know whether to fertilize – or not: If you’re dwelling in the North with cool-season grass (such as fescue or ryegrass), the fall is a great time to feed your grass, as it helps them spruce up for spring. In the South, however, be sure not to fertilize warm-season grass unless it’s been over seeded.

Don’t stop mowing your grass: It may be tempting to stop mowing with grass growing at a slower pace, however the secret is to gradually lower your mower’s blade to the lowest setting. This way, you allow more sunlight to reach the crown of your grass.

Keep watering your lawn, too: No matter the season, your lawn will need water when its dry. Try watering on schedule, once or twice weekly, to avoid drought. Watering early in the morning is the ideal time to irrigate because the winds are usually lighter, wasting less water to evaporation.


Eliminate fallen leaves: We call autumn, fall, because of the many falling leaves. While nature’s transitions are beautiful, they can also cause quite an eyesore on your lawn. An easy fix to removing falling leaves is simply racking or mulching them with a mower to create organic matter.

Keep away weeds: Have dandelions taken over your yard? Now is your turn to reclaim it. Applying herbicide in your lawn now will prevent the same weeds from returning in the spring!

 Tell Me: How do you care for your lawn during cold-weather months?