Yes, I know that congealed salads are not trending — but trust me, this is delish!  Early on they were basically desserts disguised as a salad.  But this one, filled with crunchy chopped veggies is tangy and refreshing. Anyone having impromptu lunch with me is always happy if this salad is standing by in my fridge. So am I!  It goes well with all sandwiches and other protein salads such as chicken or tuna.  It’s also great with the Shrimp Creole that I posted earlier this week. 

If it makes you feel better about returning to congealed salads, gelatin has some excellent health benefits. According to, benefits include an improved immune system, reduced appearance of cellulite, reduced joint pain, improved hair, skin and nails. Click here to learn more. 

Serve this Lime Cucumber Salad nestled on plain lettuce leaves or surrounded by additional chopped veggies.

Tell Me: Are you a fan of congealed salads?