There are SO many unique benefits of having a furry friend! Furry friends truly make a positive impact in our lives, but did you know they can also improve our mental and physical health?

According to Psychology Today:

There is now a large amount of data confirming that pets are good for your psychological health and may increase, not only the quality of your life, but also your longevity. The benefits are not just short term but last well beyond the time that the pet is in the room, and the positive effects build up over time. One important study of 5,741 people was conducted in Melbourne, Australia. Researchers found the pet owners had lower levels of blood pressure and cholesterol than non-pet-owners, even when both groups had the same poor life styles involving smoking and high-fat diets.

Read on to discover a few more benefits you can take advantage of with pet ownership!

Ease Chronic Pain
Dogs and cats can be the best medicine, when dealing with chronic pain such as migraines or arthritis. Our furry friends can help us reduce anxiety – and less anxiety, means less pain.

Improve Your Mood
A lot of the health benefits of owning a pet are mental and emotional benefits. Our four-legged friends give us someone to be responsible for, as well as someone who cares for us as much as we care for them! There are few better feelings than that.

Reduce the Likelihood of Strokes
Cats are just as beneficial to your health as dogs! According to the American Heart Association, pet owners exhibit decreased blood pressure, cholesterol and triglyceride levels — all of which can ultimately minimize their risk for having a heart attack down the road. In addition, if you have a cat, you’re 30 percent less likely to have a heart attack, and you’re 40 percent less likely to have a cardiovascular incident like a stroke.

Stay Fit
One of the great things about walking your dog is that it provides a fun way to stay fit! Other physical activities with your dog include biking, hiking and agility training. Another great idea for you and your dog to try is Doga – or Yoga for Dogs! Check it out below:


Tell Me: What is your favorite benefit of pet ownership?