Christmas tree

Merry Christmas! I hope you all are enjoying a day filled with love and laughter with loved ones.

Once the day is over, and the gifts are unwrapped, many people are unaware of all of the unique things you can do with your Christmas tree following the holiday season.

With a little creativity, you may be surprised how many other uses there are for discarded Christmas trees than just sending them to the landfill. Check out a few unique uses below!

1. Use It to Make Firewood: Any old tree makes for great firewood, including your Christmas tree. Cut your old tree up, remove all of the tinsel and any other decorations, and use it as kindling in an outdoor fire pit.

2. Recycle It: Whether it’s for wood chips, mulch or fish habitat, many cities collect Christmas trees and recycle them for you.

Christmas tree

3. Use It for Insulation: You can easily cut off some of the boughs of your Christmas tree and lay them over beds of perennials beds to keep them safe from the snow and frost.

4. Return It: If your Christmas tree seller is still around, call ahead and see if you may be able to take the tree back to them. Often, they’ll take the tree back to the woods and let it decompose naturally.

Tell Me: How do you put your old Christmas tree to good use?