As you have probably realized from reading my recipes, I could live on soups and desserts. I’m using St. Patrick’s Day as an excuse for serving up this creamy Irish baked potato soup, but I enjoy this favorite throughout the year.

If you are REALLY into St. Patty’s Day, you could add a drop or 2 of green food coloring, but I am happy just garnishing with bright green chopped chives or green onions or cilantro.

My son jokingly says his favorite vegetable is cilantro, but I think he means it. This soup can be served as a completely creamy textured soup by pureeing in small batches, but I like the chunky texture of the chopped baked potatoes in the cream base.

Here’s a little Irish blessing before you enjoy your soup:

May you have:

A world of wishes at your command.

God and his angels close to hand.

Friends and family their love impart,

and Irish blessings in your heart!


Tell Me: Which dishes do you enjoy for St. Patrick’s Day?