Knowing my passion for fashion, you can imagine my excitement over a new film that I am executive producing. The Culture of Fashion in Los Angeles is a 60-minute documentary that we believe can be edited for television and hope you will have the chance to view it on HBO.

The talented woman behind the documentary is my friend Catherine Bauknight, a multiple award-winning writer, documentary filmmaker and photojournalist based in Los Angeles. Her impressive photojournalist work is on permanent display around the world. She has written for The New York Times, Time Magazine, People Magazine, and Newsweek, just to name a few of the many publications celebrating her work.


While we enjoy fashion personally as a way to express ourselves creatively, our goal is to raise awareness of the influence culture and fashion have on each other by expressing identity and breaking down barriers of fear of the unknown in different cultures. From street fashion to high fashion, the message and identity of a people’s culture, ethnicity, and strong beliefs are revealed through the media of TV, film, and fashion. 

Many designers from around the world, based in L.A. or who work in L.A., will participate in the film. Celebrities representing their connection with fashion and culture will include Stella McCartney, Anjelica Huston,, Paris Hilton, Debbie Allen, Fergie, Kim Kardashian, George Clinton and others. Louis Gossett, Jr. is being considered for the voice-over of the film.

Fashion is the silent language, culture is the voice. Los Angeles is where the world comes together and represents a unified consciousness through the language of fashion.

I invite you to be one of the first to view the trailer for The Culture of Fashion in Los Angeles below: