Spring is here – and that means spring-cleaning season is in full bloom, too. With more daylight hours and the rising temperatures outdoors, spring is the perfect time of year to clean, declutter, reorganize and dispose of items in your home.

While I find spring-cleaning to be therapeutic, it can also be a rather daunting task. Read on for a few easy ways to get started with your housework this season.

Gather Cleaning Supplies

It may sound obvious, but there are few things more annoying when cleaning than running out of a product or not having the supplies you need on hand. Be sure to get all of the basic cleaning solutions – such as trash bags, all-purpose cleaner, glass cleaner, sponges, gloves and paper towels – before you get started.


Any project is overwhelming if not broken into smaller segments or groups. Map out your spring-cleaning plans to decide which rooms and areas in your home you plan to tackle first.

Throw Away Old Condiments

How often do you open your refrigerator to almost-finished bottles of liquids and food items? Rid your fridge of clutter by tossing out nearly empty jars, items with expired dates and products you no longer plan to use.

Freshen Up

The air outside seems a little cleaner during the spring season, so why not freshen up indoors, too? Try adding some houseplants to your living space or getting an air purifier to reduce springtime allergens. I’m a big fan of floral-scented candles for spring, too! 

Tell Me: How are you getting started with your spring-cleaning duties?