I have shared this story with a few who have suggested that I write about it here so that it can bring comfort and peace to others who have lost a loved one. I hope so.

I grew up in a family who read and believed the Bible. Sure, we had fun, sometimes maybe too much, but we always lived each day with praises and pleas, praying through the ups and downs of life.

The Day After Thanksgiving

The day after Thanksgiving this past year, I awoke with an urgency to go visit my mom who lived an hour away. My children were at my house and they had traveled from a few states away for the holiday. Besides that, I even had appointments and activities scheduled. She had been sick for over a decade with Alzheimer’s. She was at a stage where she did not even recognize me, so logic would say that I could wait until Sunday to race off to see her when my children were not there and things weren’t so hectic. But I felt compelled to go THEN!

As I drove over, I braced myself for what my visits had been for a long time. For the past few years, my once beautiful mom looked so fearful and sad, not knowing my name or being able to sit up or communicate. But to my shock, she was sitting up and glowing! She looked the way I had not seen her in years. She greeted me with recognition and said, “ I am so happy that you are here! I love you!” We conversed in ways we had not in years. My brother David was there, which was also unusual in that we, being very busy siblings, were rarely there at the same time. We both just stared in confusion, but gratitude at her state. I was also glad David was there to witness this with me.

We called the caregiver in and asked if our mom was on new drugs, looking for a practical, earthly reason for all this. The kind nurse said emphatically, “No, she just started this early this morning.”

My mom began to communicate in interesting ways. She began to look around the room greeting beings that we could not see. She introduced herself over and over to them, smiling and glowing and happy. It was joyful and riveting to see. She looked at us and clearly declared with a huge smile, “THIS is delightful!”

I needed to get back to my family and responsibilities at home. I kissed my mom and said what I often said as I left, “We will see each other in heaven some day.” THIS time she smiled and nodded.

Several hours later, I received a call saying my mom had passed away. How grateful I will always be to have seen her on the way to heaven and have the assurance that all we have been taught and believed is true. I don’t know why I was given this gift. Maybe it’s because He knew I would share it.

Tell Me: I know that many of you have had similar experiences. Would you please share?