Like the majority of my most favorite recipes, this is from my mom. We would always have this for St. Patrick’s Day with cabbage, carrots and potatoes. But like many special day meals, the leftovers were the best: grilled Reuben Sandwiches on rye and pumpernickel bread with my mom’s mysterious mustard sauce.

Why is corned beef considered Irish? The truth is that the Irish liked bacon with their cabbage, but when they arrived in America, corned beef was cheaper to come by than bacon.

What does the term “corned” mean regarding beef? It comes from putting meat in a large crock covered with rock-salt kernels to preserve it. The term has been around since 888 AD.

I like my mom’s version of this recipe because this corned beef simmers in water, the classic way of preparing it, but then roasts for a bit in the oven to give it a richer, browned “crust” around the very tender, moist beef center.

Read on for two great recipes from my mother to try this week for St. Patrick’s Day — and scroll down to find out the secret ingredients in her mustard sauce, a great accompaniment to the corned beef!


Tell Me: What traditional Irish dishes do you enjoy for St. Patrick’s Day?