This recipe is another favorite from my first cookbook!

August is National Peach Month and the time of year that I enjoy some great peach recipes, for good reasons. Peaches are packed with vitamins and minerals, antioxidants and beneficial fiber, all important for maintaining optimal health and fighting disease. Peaches are powerful…and delicious.

I’ve updated this delightful dessert by adding more fresh peaches and less sugar. Even so, it remains rich, creamy and sweet.




This pie starts with a homemade graham cracker crust. While I will sometimes buy a frozen pastry crust, I NEVER use a purchased, pre-prepared graham cracker crust. Homemade is easy to make and makes a huge difference in your dessert. Also, for a fresher more delicious topping, I always whip real cream, instead of using a purchased whipped topping. 

Moderation is the key to all the yummy desserts I love. Enjoy this one!


Tell Me: What’s your favorite peach-themed dessert?