The powers that be somewhere have just named December 13th officially Ice Cream Day. Yep, right here in the middle of December. And actually, that’s fine with me because it gives me a chance to share a recipe that is near and dear to my heart: Oreo Cookie Freeze. 


This is one of the very first recipes that I shared on TV and it is in my first cookbook, Top O the Day Kitchen Classics. Oreo Cookie Freeze certainly lives up to that. I have made it hundreds of times, though I’ve altered it just a little since I first shared it. For over two decades, that dessert has been the one most requested, especially by my son Michael — I make this every time he comes home from Dallas.


This is a perfect dessert for the holidays because it’s easy and must be made ahead of time. So for ice Cream Day, OR ANY day, here’s my most requested recipe!

Tell Me: What’s your favorite Oreo cookie dessert?