escada pantsuit vogueEscada Pantsuit | Image Source: Vogue

What I love most about fashion trends is that they always return. For instance, do you remember the pantsuit trend from the ‘80s? They’re having a big moment in fashion this season, too!

While the pantsuits for women of the ‘80s resembled corporate menswear, today they’re stylish, slimming and fabulously feminine.

pantsuits-trendImage Source: StyleCaster

I can’t get enough of this trend, and love how brands have redefined the concept of tailored apparel for women with pantsuits in bold hues, bright colors and funky prints.


pantsuitsImage Source: Fashionisers

Other reasons to love pantsuits? They’re great for women at any age and just as suitable for the office as a night out on the town!

Tell Me: What is one of your favorite fall fashion trends?