You know how much I love animals and work hard to help save the homeless ones. This Christmas season brings to mind how much God also loves and respects His beautiful creatures. They were very present at the birth of Christ.

A special friend of mine since childhood (her father baptized me) is now in the Christian entertainment business.

Hillary Lathan is a musician and author. She and her husband Alan, a musician and actor, perform Christian musical theater in the Historic Grace Chapel in Beaufort, South Carolina.
Hillary wrote this sweet tribute and sent this image for me to enjoy. I think you will, too.

Take note of ALL the familiar animals at the Nativity. One of the cats looks just like my Grey. You may see your pets. too. Merry Christmas, everyone!

A donkey, sheep, camels, and, most likely, other critters were invited guests at the manger. God loves animals!!! He created them.

I am a lover of animals. They are such ministering spirits, such blessings to us humans. Our Heavenly Father insisted on their presence at the birth of His Son. If you look into a pet’s eyes, you can feel their love staring back at you. Many times in illness, a pet will stay close by their master to offer protection and healing. For instance, the donkey carried Mary when she was unable to walk. The sheep provided warmth in the stable and their bleats were lullabies for the baby. Perhaps a cow provided milk and camels carried wise men with treasures to help the family.

I read recently that Rev. Billy Graham has a cat his family gave him for his 90th birthday. Well, Dr Graham just turned 99 and “Kitty” is still by his side.

As one friend said, “Oh, if Kitty could talk!” Can you imagine being Billy Graham’s cat? God must indeed set high regards on His animals to have placed one in Rev. Graham’s home to stay so intimately by his side, until it is time for “Kitty” to help escort dear Billy home.

Just as the highly regarded creatures of the Nativity escorted God’s Son at the stable that most holy of nights, a Braying Donkey, Bleating Sheep, Plodding Camels all formed that first “Glorious Symphony of Song” for the Christ Child. Hallelujah! 

Prose by H. Lathan Christmas 2017


Tell Me: How do you celebrate your furry friends at this time of the year?