After all these years, this recipe from my first cookbook is still my favorite way to prepare chicken salad!


With Lemon Ginger Chicken Salad, I like the way the sour cream lightens the mayonnaise-based dressing and the touch of lemon and ginger give it a little zing. I have updated a few things, however:

I chop the chicken instead of cubing it. In place of almonds, I use the spicy pecans from the recipe I recently shared. Rather than serving over a few lettuce leaves, I turn the chicken salad into a topping over a tossed salad with the grapes and pecans over Romaine lettuce instead of mixed with the chicken. I also add a sprinkling of dried cranberries. If you like your greens a bit more moist, a light drizzle of poppy seed dressing is delicious. This may seem like a seasonal salad, but I enjoy this year round.

My same trusty lemon zester, that I’ve used on TV all these years, is still doing its job!

Tell Me: What’s your favorite way to enjoy chicken salad?