lipsI shared with you recently that my dermatologist Dr. Gilly Munavalli was chosen as one of the top ten dermatologists in the eastern United States. That good news, coupled with all good things I have heard about a new dermal filler for lips, has given me me the confidence and courage to try this.

I could write for days about the many different and popular dermal fillers, but let’s focus on this new one: VOLBELLA® and why I have chosen that one to help me with lip lines. VOLBELLA® is used to add volume and plump the lips and smooth out the vertical lines around the edges. I have never smoked, but I sure did love to sit in the sun and it shows all around my mouth. This product may be the answer!

VOLBELLA®, developed through technology and science by the skincare experts at Juvéderm, has just been approved by the FDA, though it has been used in Europe for years. It is a naturally-derived filler, which means it will have a much smaller risk of causing an allergic reaction. I’m told that it has nutrients, keeps the skin hydrated and soft, and adds volume that is soft and natural, not looking like a duck mouth. VOLBELLA® also lasts longer. I am counting on it lasting at least a year.

Of course, I asked if it hurts when injected! According to the experts (those who have done this), it’s a little uncomfortable, but certainly bearable. No pain, no gain! The product contains lidocaine, which is a like a local anesthetic, so that pain is minimal.

People of all ages are excited about this new product because it can add plumpness and definition to the lips even if you don’t have the lip lines yet.

Here is an interview with my dermatologist Dr. Munavalli about this procedure. It’s very important to have a doctor with skill and experience.

I am going for it!

Tell Me: Do you want to see the actual procedure or just a before and after?

PS: My award-winning physician does not wear a pumpkin suit on a daily basis. It was Halloween when we did this interview. On that day Dermatology Laser and Vein Center of the Carolinas holds a huge charitable event giving patients the chance to learn about dermal fillers, save money and contribute to fighting cancer.