When I wrote this post yesterday, it was officially National Puppy Day. Of course, I think that should be EVERYday. It’s a great day every time an orphan puppy gets a home, not just for the appreciative puppy, but also for the adopter who will experience the unconditional love and magic that puppies provide.

To celebrate the day, I want to share the sweet story of Ginger who was adopted by one of my most favorite rescue friends outside of North Carolina, who prefers to do her amazing work anonymously. She and I often work as a team. Her generosity and dedication inspire and motivate me. My friend’s adopted dog Ginger, who recently went to heaven, also motivated her.

I cannot count the number of dogs whose lives have been saved because of my friend. She’s even adopted several into her own home. Ginger, however, was one of the most special.

Ginger was a gorgeous German Shepherd rescued as a puppy (which is yet another example of why you should adopt and not shop).

Ginger’s story, as told by my friend is below…

Ginger was the absolute perfect German Shepherd. She was pure love in every way – beautiful, loyal, sweet, obedient and smart.  She loved all the kids and anyone who came to visit.  She loved taking walks, riding in the car, sleeping on our bed and of course eating treats.  She was a part of almost everything we did from helping us clean the pool to sitting on the porch on warm evenings.

We first knew about Ginger’s mom Millie, who was tied up in a neighbor’s backyard. We tried to rescue her, but the owner was very angry with us for interfering. However the owner sent Millie to a farm, and when she returned with eight puppies, the owner was ready for our help. 

We rescued Ginger’s mom and she was adopted by a retired couple with a farm in Kentucky.  With some work, all of her eight puppies were rescued, except one that had some hair loss and considered possibly sick. After an isolation period to rule out any serious illness, we brought the rejected puppy home and named her Ginger for her beautiful furry coat and sparkling personality. Ginger gave us joy, devotion, and unconditional love and loyalty for 12 wonderful years.

Sadly, Ginger was diagnosed with bladder cancer last summer. She had been doing so well with her treatment, but died suddenly on February 2.  She lacked only a few days being with us for 12 years.   

Ginger was our heart and soul and will be missed terribly.  She was such a blessing to us.  I keep hearing in my mind the song, “What a Difference You’ve Made in My Life”…. and Ginger did!

Ginger won the lottery when adopted by my wonderful friend. Her story is a perfect example of the joy adopting a puppy provides. 

I’ve been told by so many people, “We thought we were rescuing him/her, but this puppy rescued us.” I am hoping those of you who also celebrated National Puppy Day yesterday will open your hearts and make room for a rescue dog. These joyous creatures KNOW you saved them and they return the favor in countless beautiful ways.

One of my favorite mantras: “Love. Rescue. Adopt.” Click here for excellent information and guidelines on adopting a dog.

And if you want to smile all day today and beyond, I leave you with this brief puppy video below:

Tell Me: Have you ever adopted a puppy before?