Perhaps the only thing more difficult than making your New Year’s Resolutions is keeping them.

Don’t let this week be the last week you stick to your newly-set goals – follow these tips to stick to them all year long!

Choose carefully. Think about it: Which resolution will have the greatest impact on your happiness, health or personal growth this year? If you’ve made a variety of resolutions, but are having trouble deciding how you’re going to stick to them, stick with the resolutions that are most relevance to your life right now.

Keep resolutions simple. Sometimes with resolutions, we aim high in hopes to drastically improve our life in the New Year. While understandable at this time of year, when everything is about change and self-improvement, experience tells us these things can’t all be achieved at once.

Plan a timeframe or agenda. Setting short- and long-term goals with a timeframe is a really efficient and helpful way to measure your success. I encourage you to purchase a planner or diary to plan your steps toward achieving your resolution(s) in the upcoming weeks or months.  

Be realistic. Consider how well you’ve kept resolutions in the past. Do you have a good track record? What made you ditch previous resolutions? Perhaps they were unrealistic. This year, be sure to set short-term, feasible goals in order to achieve a greater goal.

Tell Me: What’s your New Year’s resolution and how do you plan to achieve it?