shopping online

Shopping on Black Friday is tradition for many. The unusual store hours and deeply discounted items draw in bustling crowds of eager shoppers each year.

Thankfully, though it once was a day synonymous with pandemonium; Black Friday can now be experienced from the convenience of your home via the internet.

If you’re perusing those Black Friday sales today – or Cyber Monday sales on Monday – I’m sharing a few tips below to make the most of your online sale shopping experience.’

Sign up for emails.

Consider your favorite stores and the biggest major retailer sales this weekend. Be sure to visit each of their websites and sign up for email newsletters to receive exclusive discounts ahead of Cyber Monday.

Research prices and quality.

The great thing about shopping online is that you have time to research an item before you decide to make a purchase. You can always find the best product reviews and unbiased recommendations on Consumer Reports. I like to use Price Grabber as well to find the best price for popular items.


Use bargain hunter forums.

I’m a huge fan of message boards like Slick Deals and Fat Wallet! They’re rarely let me down when it comes to up-to-date store promo codes and little-known sale offers at my favorite stores.

Shop with a strategy.

According to RetailMeNot, the types of deals you can get on Black Friday differ from those on Cyber Monday, and you can get better deals in certain departments than others.

Here are the top discounts by category and percentage that can be expected during these days, below, based on 2015* data by

Top five retail categories by percentage off on Black Friday:

  • Travel: 60% off
  • Office Supplies: 50% off
  • Computers/Electronics: 47% off
  • Clothing: 32% off
  • Gifts: 31% off 

Top five retail categories by percentage off on Cyber Monday:

  • Computer/Electronics: 48% off
  • Designer Clothing: 43% off
  • Teen Clothing: 39% off
  • Books and News: 33% off
  • Home and Garden: 31% off

Tell Me: What are your money-saving tips for Black Friday and Cyber Monday?