One of my favorite things about starting the year anew is following the expression, “out with the old, in with the new”.

For me, this is the perfect time to clean out my closet and rid myself of clutter. It’s cathartic and very gratifying. It can also give you a new perspective on your personal style and wardrobe choices!

Read on for a few of my tips on cleaning out your closet for the New Year.

Do you have clothes that no longer fit? Let them go! Donate them to a friend, family member or the Goodwill.

Do you have multiples of several items? While we all love and need white camis, there’s no need to have 10 of them. Consider minimizing certain items to make room in your closet.

Do you have enough hangers? Sometimes we don’t have too many items in our closet, we just don’t have it organized properly. Investing in nice hangers to hang all the items in your closet can help your closet look neater AND more spacious.

Do you categorize items? To simplify your outfit-making process, and save time looking for items, try putting items together by type. For instance, hang your blouses together, coats side-by-side and dresses in order of daywear, formal and ready-for-work.

Tell Me: How do you ready your closet for a New Year?