Have you ever participated in a holiday cookie swap? These parties are a terrific way to gather friends, family and a delicious variety of holiday treats without having to make them yourself!

Over the years, I’ve attended several cookie swap parties and also organized a few. I’ve found that a great thing about them is that they’re very easy to organize, and quite inexpensive, too!

Read on for a few simple ways to make your cookie swap party a success this season.


Create a Rule of Thumb: At a cookie swap, each guest brings a plate of his or her favorite homemade holiday cookies to share.  Once each guest has added their cookies to the table, the cookies are shared. A great rule of thumb for guests is to have them bring as many cookies as they’d like to take home.

Create Convenience: When you send invites to your cookie swap, be sure to encourage guests to create cookies that travel and freeze well. Also, ask that guests tell you what type of cookie they are bringing when they RSVP to minimize duplicates.

On the day of the event, before guests arrive, arrange empty cookie plates, dessert plates and napkins on your table so that you can easily put out the cookies to be shared at the party as your guests arrive.

Provide Holiday Drinks: Since the premise of the party is for guests to bring food (cookies), you’ll only need to provide your cookies and drinks. Try a holiday beverage to celebrate the season like hot chocolate or my caramel apple cider recipe.
Set the Mood: I like to create a Christmas playlist for guests to enjoy during the party for a relaxing evening filled with holiday nostalgia, desserts and good company!

Tell Me: What are your tips for hosting a holiday cookie swap party?