While sticky summer weather may only allow us to showcase our personal style with bare (wardrobe) necessities, one thing is certain: sunglasses are the ultimate fashion accessory during the warm weather season. 

Though sunglasses protect our eyes from the sunlight, I love that they don’t force us to sacrifice style for comfort or safety. No matter your outfit, the right pair of frames can instantly pull your look together.

Big, small, modern or vintage, no matter your preference sunglasses come in a variety of vivacious designs and trendy shapes. I’ve learned, however, that the art to finding the perfect pair is learning your face shape. After discovering my face is considered heart-shaped, I’ve learned how to find the best eyewear to complement it.

Read on to discover how you, too, can make the right decision during your next sunglass shopping excursion!

Kirsten Dunst

Shape: Round

Do’s: Try square frames or wayfarers to balance the roundness of your face.

Don’ts: Avoid round frames, they tend to make your face look more round.

Angelina Jolie

Shape: Square

Do’s: Just as square frames help balance a round face, round frames can soften square faces.

Don’ts: Avoid boxy frames, as they can exaggerate your features.

Scarlett Johansson

Shape: Heart

Do’s: Look for a pair of oversized frames or aviators to complement the proportions of your face

Don’ts: Large, oversized frames can often take away from features distinct to people with heart-shaped faces.

Halle Berry

Shape: Oval

Do’s: Good news! You can pull off just about any type of frame, from cat eyes to oversized due the proportion of your features.

Don’ts: I can’t think of any!

Tell Me: What are your favorite pair of shades?