45-pres-trump-cover-hi-rezWhen I started my career, television, radio and newspaper were the big three! Now, the Internet dominates the world and I am the first to admit that I am still amazed at the speed, efficiency and effectiveness of this magical new media, especially when someone does it really well!

As our new president was being confirmed, the team at Blue Socks Media, who created the Raggs Emmy Award-winning children’s TV series, was busy uploading a secret project on which they had been working for months!



Titled The 45 Presidents, the project features a new song, new music video and activity book about the all of the presidents in U.S. history through our newest president, Donald J. Trump, Jr. By using fun and engaging multimedia to repeat and reinforce the message, learning becomes effortlessly automatic. That’s the idea behind creating three ways to learn about The 45 Presidents!


Insider Info: Blue Socks created TWO versions of the song, video and book…so that they would be ready when the announcement came! Also note the last verse in the song, a message that will go a long way in bringing our country back together after a divisive election.

Now it’s time we work as one

Come together, get things done.

Feel the pride. Show respect

For our brand new President!  

The song is a contemporary, toe-tapping version of “Yankee Doodle” that names each president with fun facts interspersed. The music video stars a big yellow school bus, Raggs the blue dog as the driver, 30 school-aged children, parents, one Labrador retriever and a hip hop dancing Uncle Sam (who is incredible!!!). The presidents are represented by original caricatures by illustrator Jeff Mangum.

To hear this song and other musical selections from Raggs, click here to visit the iTunes store.

The 45 Presidents is perfect for grades K-8, but, frankly, I think it is a great way for all ages to refresh their knowledge of the presidents. The song can be downloaded from iTunes to your phone for .99, the music video is free to watch on YouTube.

The high quality, large format, 84-page activity book features each president, fun facts, First Lady matching, fill-in-the blank and information about The White House, Air Force One and Mt. Rushmore. It can be purchased at The45Presidents.com for $8.99 + shipping/handling. You may also find it here at Lulu.comAnd, it’s likely to be a collector’s item given the historic events!

Imagine, your child can have the first book that includes the new president within a week of the election! Stores won’t have the book until the inauguration! So old fashioned! 


I should mention here that this no surprise to me! This brilliant project is the brainchild of my friend, Toni Steedman Zelickson, president of Blue Socks Media, who I first met when she hired me as the spokesperson for an advertising campaign in the 1990’s! Toni went from advertising executive to creator and producer of Raggs, and I couldn’t be more thrilled to hear of her success!

In the U.S., watch Raggs on ION TV or at Raggs.com, RaggsTV on YouTube (where Raggs has 35 million views), Amazon Video Direct, hoopla digital, Netkids, Playkids and other apps. And, be sure to follow Raggs on Facebook and Instagram.

To grow the business Toni dubbed Raggs into Spanish and found success in Latin America, and by March 2018 Raggs will be available in over 15 languages and 100 countries!

You can find also Raggs and his friends at the luxury, all-inclusive Grand Palladium resorts in Mexico, the Caribbean and Brazil with they host live shows, disco parties and breakfasts as part of the “Play at Palladium with Raggs” program.

To find out more about The 45 Presidents you can also go to The45Presidents.com or Raggs.com.