Hot Fudge Cake (from my second book) is not only decadently delicious, but it’s also fun and easy to make.

For kids (of all ages) who love chocolate, this recipe is a good one to get them interested in cooking and maybe in a little kitchen chemistry. Even though it is made in three steps, they are very quick and easy, and if you bake at all, you probably have all the ingredients on hand.

It begins with a cake batter layer that you just stir together in a bowl (no mixer needed). Then you combine a few dry ingredients that you crumble over the top. Lastly, you pour of cup of coffee over it all (use milk if your prefer).

As the dessert bakes, the cake rises to the top and a rich gooey fudge sauce forms at the bottom. I recommend serving with your favorite ice cream and you have a quick and easy, but memorable dessert!


Tell Me: What’s your favorite fudge-flavored dessert?