You have probably guessed that I am a big advocate of apples and apple juice, but I’m especially fond of apple cider. New studies have shown that cloudy apple juice (cider) contains more than five times as much of a health-linked antioxidant as clear juice and can lower the risk of cardiovascular disease, asthma, diabetes and some forms of cancer.

I make batches of this favorite beverage throughout fall and winter. I keep it in my refrigerator and enjoy it daily, hot or cold, though I prefer it hot. Along with the apple cider, it is made with several other favorite healthy juices and the always popular pumpkin pie spices. The aroma permeates your house as you simmer it on the stove. I then refrigerate it and heat it as needed. It’s great to have on hand for guests, too.

I hope you also find it delicious and soothing!


Tell Me: What’s your favorite way to enjoy apple cider?