All too often we get caught up in the commercialism of the holiday season. But who can blame us? 

Between the excessive holiday advertisements and the anxiety that many of us endure to ensure all of our loved ones receive the right gifts, it’s difficult to avoid commercialism at this time of the year. Though the most important thing to me is to celebrate the real reason for the season, rather than the number of gifts under the tree.

This Christmas, if you’re searching for a special gift for your loved one that is equally meaningful and rewarding, here are a few great ideas that keep on giving!




Give a gift that lasts all year long! Does your friend love to read? Buy her a magazine subscription. Does your husband love movies? Consider getting him a subscription to Netflix.

A Charity Donation

A gift that’s guaranteed to be put to good use is a donation on someone’s behalf to their favorite charity. A great site to help you see various charities and their respective causes is Charity Navigator.

TOMS Products

The TOMS brand first caught my attention with their shoes, but the brand has now expanded to offer items such as sunglasses, bags and apparel.

Any item you buy from TOMS is like two gifts in one as well! With every purchase, TOMS helps give shoes, sight, water, safe birth and bullying prevention services in over 70 countries around the world. For instance, when you purchase a pair of shoes, TOMS then donates a pair of shoes to a child in need.


A Custom Calendar

We all have bad days, and sometimes all it takes to uplift our mood are encouraging words from a friend or family member. Sites like Printed Owl help you create “Quote a Day” calendars and planners, so you can share positive messages with your loved one 365 days out of year.

A Coupon Book

Coupon and entertainment guides like the annual Entertainment Book are a terrific way to give a gift that continues to give – after all, you’re helping your loved on save money!

Tell Me: What’s a gift you’ve given that keeps on giving?