sausage sage barbara mckay

This is the co-star with the turkey for your Thanksgiving dinner. Actually, some would consider it the star. It’s a popular item: In 33 of our 50 states, it is the most searched recipe for the holidays.

Do we call it Dressing or Stuffing? Is there a difference? Some would think that if it is cooked inside the bird, it would be “stuffing”, and cooked outside would be “Dressing”. Actually it is geographically determined. In the majority of states, it is called Stuffing no matter where you cook it, but in the South, we know it as Dressing. Whatever you call it, I call it delicious!

sausage sage stuffing barbara mckay

I have always served mine alongside, never inside the bird. Somehow stuffing the cavity gave me concerns about exactly when to safely do that and how it affects the cooking time, but the main reason that I serve it on the side is because that’s how my mom did it and she was an amazing cook!

So let me save you some research time and share my favorite Turkey Dressing recipe. It’s been my favorite for years and it is perfect along side the turkey and gravy recipes I shared earlier on the site.

Tell Me: Do you call it “dressing” or “stuffing”?