Trick or treat! It’s Halloween and, in honor of this fun holiday, I’m sharing some harmless pranks for parents, children and trick-or-treaters to try out this evening. After all, who said the little ones get to have all the fun?

Be a “Scare” Crow

This prank is certainly a classic one – and is guaranteed to induce some screams (and laughter). It requires a bale of hay and some ingenuity.

Dress up as a scarecrow so that your body and face are completely concealed. Sit beside the hay bale next to or near your front door, as though you’re a dummy. When visitors ring the bell and await the door opening, you come to life! The reactions are always priceless.

The Eyesight Trick

Though poor eyesight isn’t a laughing matter, it always amazes me how this trick brings out the good nature of kids.

All you have to do is answer your front door wearing ridiculously thick glasses (costume stores often have these discounted on the day of) and pretend to have eyesight so poor, you’re unable to drop the candy into their trick-or-treat bags. Not only do kids fall for this one, it’s hilarious to see how they try franticly to move their bags to help your misguided hands. 

What’s Floating in the Toilet?

This one is simple. Pick up a rubber rat (or an equally alarming rubber animal) and place it in the toilet for someone to find. This one’s not at all for the faint of heart – but a good trick to play on a family member or spouse, nonetheless!

Tell Me: What are some of your favorite Halloween pranks?