Last week I had the pleasure of visiting my dear friend Siglinda Scarpa at her magical Goathouse Refuge where she helped me, yet again, with an abandoned sweet 10 month helpless little cat that showed up at my house. Siglinda created Goathouse as a beautiful haven for homeless cats where they can be loved and cared for until a forever home is found. Witnessing her love and care for each individual kitty’s needs is awe-inspiring. She knows the name and story behind every cat. It’s a place of harmony and love. A few dogs, birds, goats and bunnies are all living happily together with the 200 or so cats.

The cats have almost two acres of fenced in farmland with shelters, hammocks, cat trees and toys. There is a special intake area when cats arrive and a medical building for cats who are having kittens, sick or not feeling well, to be given vet care and extra attention. It takes a lot of money to provide shelter, food, and vet care for these precious cats with no place else to go. Donations are so deeply appreciated, and Siglinda also uses her own talent, time and skill to support and keep Goathouse Refuge going. It is a labor of love for her.

As her name suggests, Siglinda Scarpa is from Italy where she still owns a beautiful Tuscan villa (more on that another time). This area of the world is known for its beautiful pottery. Siglinda is an accomplished artist creating critically acclaimed and collectible pieces.


Some are purely sculptural and captivating, while others are beautifully functional. Whether her unique vessels, cookware or tiles are to be put to use, or just admired for their intricate beauty, the money all goes to support Goathouse Refuge. She began her American art career in New York, creating a series of pieces while working as the manager of the Greenwich House of Pottery in Manhattan. We are so thankful that she has brought her artistry South, along with her love of animals. Owning a piece of her signed pottery is a treasure in itself. Knowing that it represents caring for another of God’s creatures makes it priceless.

Click here to see photos of some of Siglinda’s beautiful work and to learn more about pricing and purchasing.