Early autumn is the best time to enjoy cooking with apples. When you are shopping for produce, it appears that apples are season-less, but September and October are the best two months to enjoy this healthy fruit because its their peak harvest season and you can feel confident they have not been in cold storage.

Where to Enjoy Apple-Picking this Season

A fun family outing is picking your own apples. Check for orchards in your area and make it a fall family tradition. Along with picking your own apples and being able to shop for prepared apple treats, you will often find hayrides, music and other entertainment.

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If you are visiting the beautiful North Carolina mountains this fall (as thousands do from all over the world), check out Sky Top Orchards.

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If you are not too far from the upper South Carolina region, look for Windy Hill Orchards and Cider Mill.

When you arrive home with your apple bounty, whether from the grocery store, roadside stand or orchard, here are two of my favorite fresh apple recipes.

Pork Tenderloin with Maple Apples

Fresh Apple Cake