“Finding the First to Last”

That’s the tagline of a lipstick that is a game changer for me. I first wrote about this in The Charlotte Observer and decided it is worth sharing this fabulous find again, especially for those who missed it.

My good friend, Lynn Tucker, first told me about this product that fascinates me while it fulfills it’s promise: L’Paige color-changing lipsticks are formulated to work with your body chemistry and they stay on for HOURS!

I was very skeptical when I first tried this lipstick that in the tube was dark navy blue, but on me it suddenly turned a vibrant fuchsia. The pure white became a lovely rose shade. The bright yellow becomes coral,the dark green turns a lovely pink, and so on.

barbara mckay

I am a dedicated fan now and I have put their staying power to the test. Through long meetings, luncheons and dinners, where I sometimes have to speak, the color is still there many hours later, and to my delight, it doesn’t bleed – a major problem with many lip products on us women of a certain age. I use these lipsticks as a base color and then use other lipsticks and glosses in the same color family over them, but that’s just me who likes to match everything.

With aloe vera and sunscreen, L’Paige lipstick even feels good. And I am happy to say, none of their products are tested on animals.

I order the lipstick online from their Dallas-based company at, at just $14 each!

And no, this post is not sponsored, and I have no investment in this company, but I sure wish I did – that’s how much I believe in this product!

Tell Me: What’s your favorite lipstick brand?