Mardi Gras has officially arrived! 

The epic celebration, also known as Fat Tuesday, refers to the series of events beginning on or after Epiphany and coming to a head the day before Ash Wednesday. The event — namely celebrated in and associated with the city of New Orleans in the United States — signifies the ritual of eating rich foods before fasting during the season of Lent.

What better time to indulge in rich food with New Orleans-style flavor than now? 

After a recent trip to the famed Cafe du Monde in New Orleans, I’ve been craving a beignet ever since! 

I’d argue that you can’t pay a visit to New Orleans without trying a beignet, the city’s signature pastry. These light, puffy pieces of fried dough are dusted with powered sugar and best served with cup of coffee.

To celebrate the occasion today, I’m sharing how you can bring a little bit of New Orleans-style flavor into your kitchen with cinnamon sugar beignets. Get the recipe below!

Tell Me: What’s your favorite signature New Orleans dish?