Today’s post is about good food and gratitude, both important this time of year and ALL year. As simple as it is, this recipe is so unique and awesome. And it comes from someone unique and awesome in my life. Margaret Lesley is my daughter’s sister-in-law (they married twin brothers).

How thankful I am! Besides being there for my daughter Elizabeth, she is always there for me, with a kind, uplifting word, along with love and support for whatever I am doing. Margaret has the gift of encouragement and it is so appreciated. To give you some idea of her generous nature, Elizabeth went into labor early with one of my grandchildren. Brett (her husband) and I were out of town. Margaret took charge and took Elizabeth to the hospital late at night and stayed with her throughout the birth!

Besides her beautiful heart, Margaret gets things done in such a remarkable, efficient way. For Elizabeth’s recent big family move, Margaret packed up for her, stored much of her stuff and when time to move into the new house, Margaret basically said, “Get out of the way and I will get this done.” Everybody should be so blessed to have a Margaret in his or her life. She’s also a great cook, learning from her talented mom Sallie, and she’s a wonderful mom herself, as you can see in the photo.


This recipe from her fascinates me. Bacon Wrapped Saltines is the first appetizer to disappear at a party. Everybody loves them! Synergy takes place in the oven with three simple ingredients. Even the baking time and temp are unusual. You must try them and I can tell you right now, you can’t eat just one and everyone will want the recipe. Besides party and football food, these are great to serve as a side with soup or salad.

Thank you, Margaret…for so many good things!

Tell Me: What’s your favorite bacon-wrapped food to enjoy?