I want you to meet a wonderful woman. Patty Perkins was working at WBTV when I first arrived. I didn’t really know what I was doing for about my first 10 years there, but I did know that Patty was an amazing producer, writer, director and singer. Everyone there loved her. She was also smart, funny, kind and patient which made learning how to do my job a joy. She was “the boss” on some of my most favorite projects.

I admire women who reinvent themselves successfully and Patty is one of those. After leaving WBTV and broadcast television, she went into corporate TV, working for some of the largest corporations in the country. Her third reinvention came as an enterprise video consultant focusing on business strategy. Through it all, Patty’s basic goals remained the same: use her creativity to love and help others. Those altruistic goals were met when she started Princess Beads.

From childhood, Patty had a passion for making jewelry from nature. Early on it was rocks and feathers transformed into “treasures”. Today it’s gemstones and beads carefully crafted together. And best of all, these newly created jewels help other women in a profound way. The source for the beads used in Patty’s jewelry is Kazuri Beads. Kazuri is the Swahili word for small and beautiful.

Single mothers are trained to produce unique beads from the clay in the Mt. Kenya area of Africa. Their work provides employment and financial support for the disadvantaged members of Kenyan Society. The sale of these beads also funds fresh water to the people of Kenya. It is gratifying to Patty that her work benefits these precious people. Your purchase does the same.

My desire to also help these women and my love for beautiful animals inspired Patty’s giraffe necklace and earrings for me in the golden colors of fall. Patty loves doing custom work. If you send her a photo of an outfit or favorite team colors along with your budget, she will create a one of a kind piece just for you or for a gift for someone special.

Take a look at some of her beautiful work in natural clay or sparking gemstones. You will love her prices starting at $25! Anne Oberlander, another creative mutual friend from our TV days, provided the photography.

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