Let me start by saying that I have always loved sundresses. I now have found an altruistic reason to justify them: They make others happy! In fact, I made this discovery when grocery shopping.

When I wear a sundress, every age and gender I encounter smiles more genuinely and shares something nice enthusiastically. At least a dozen people will ask where I got my dress and who makes it. I like providing that shopping service. Sundresses make people more approachable and I love that. We need more kind, joyful interaction.

Christian Dior created the sundress in the 1950’s. Ever since, these easy, breezy dresses have given us effortless attire. The sundress silhouette is flattering for most every size and shape. I especially enjoy how they cover some flaws I really like to hide. I like a dress flowing and fanning out around me. Pants are restrictive and tight and you cannot twirl.

I am sometimes asked, “Why are you so dressed up?” Or I am told “You are so dressed up.” To those I say, “I’m not bashing your yoga pants and tee shirt, so kindly leave my dress alone.”

I seem to have a different definition of what is formal attire. Let others go ahead and try to be this comfortable in a pair of jeans or tight leggings. And I can wear my sundress from morning to night by simply changing my accessories. Sundresses are festive, fun and functional any time of day.

As easy as they are to wear, they always make the day feel a little special. This is a great time of year to find pretty and feminine sundresses on sale, as were the ones you see me wearing here. They come in every color and price range.




Even though I am a grandmother now, I will always be a girly-girl. No matter what your age, young or old, I invite you to join my tribe. Be comfortable, cool and count on getting lots of smiles in your sundress.

Tell Me: Are you a fan of sundresses? Why or why not?