barbara mckay white coat

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone! I have always loved wearing white no matter the season and now the fashion authorities say that’s just fine, in fact, it’s very fashionable to wear white head-to-toe year round. Yes, even in winter, especially this winter.

I can even wear my favorite white jeans this December. I don’t’ know why I needed to see a celebrity wearing them in winter to make it okay for me, but I will confess that I had twinges of doubt until InStyle Magazine assured me it was okay, and backed it up with celebrities wearing them everywhere, not just sunny resort cities.

White is a happy color. The colors we choose to wrap ourselves in affect us. Some studies say that we feel colors more than we see them. White is associated with joy, peace, simplicity. It reflects light and puts us in a sunnier mood even on a gray, cold day. Maybe that’s why my most favorite coats are white.

barbara mckay white coat

A few things I’ve learned from wearing this favorite color…

• Choose pieces in natural fibers and make sure they are opaque. Hold them up to the light to make sure you cannot see through them
• Select pieces that are “flowy” and loose, or can be covered with something loose. White tends to show every curve.
• Be careful what you wear underneath. Choose lingerie that is as close as possible to the color of your skin.

• Mix textures and shades of white such as crisp white denim and soft creamy cashmere.
• White brings other colors to life. Layer white with jewel tones. Black and white are always right. Camel and other neutrals are lovely with white.
• Let white be your canvas and add your favorite colorful accessories that may not go well with other colors

white outfitThese favorites looks in white are from Capitol,, and a few collections from Pinterest.

Tell Me: Do you wear white after Labor Day, too?