WARM has many meanings for me today besides the weather, which I welcome! Warm is also the name of a favorite fashion line created by Tracy Feith and Winnie Beattie (pictured above). The adjective Warm describes this design team’s delightful manner.

I had the opportunity to meet them both recently at Capitol Charlotte’s Beach Week events. Right away Tracy’s kind and relaxed demeanor let me know he designs cool-girl clothes…and he assures me that we can be cool no matter our age! He creates colorful, casual, easy, feminine designs.

Tracy and Winnie’s philosophy about designing for women is much like that of my friend for many years, the legendary Oscar de la Renta. Like Oscar, they want women to feel pretty, comfortable, and confident in their clothes. While their line of clothing is far more casual and earthy, they still aspire to create not just pretty clothes, but also flattering and wearable ones! It was fun to hear not only how these two met, but all the things they do to choose fabrics and versatile designs that make women happy and their clothes so comfortable.

Tracy grew up in Texas and later moved to California. His passions for skateboarding and surfing turned into a passion for fashion design. He took a short break from designing his own clothing line to design for Toms shoes, but was eager to return to designing women’s clothing. Winnie grew up splitting her time between the Midwest and Hawaii where she also loved to surf. The two met in New York when Winnie called Tracy, a total stranger, from a phone booth near his store to say “I love your clothes and I want to work for you.” Tracy and his wife said “okay” on the spot and the rest is history.



These two surfing buddies and their spouses share similar passions for design and love of family, making them perfect business partners. They each live with their spouses on separate coasts, but their similar goals and style make collaboration easy.

It was fun watching best friends talk about what they love. As they described their fashion philosophy and the new season of Warm, they were finishing each other’s sentences. With Tracy as the designer and Winnie as the Creative Director, these two talents bring to us sensible, colorful clothes that are fun, easy to wear and affordable.

For me, clothes are far more than just garments that I look at, like and buy. Knowing the people behind them and all the work they have put in to make each piece perfect and a part of them, makes me enjoy them much more. My clothes often become conversation pieces.

Tracy says his approach to design is simple: “I just want to make clothes that people want!”. — DONE! I want them!

Tell Me: Who are some of your favorite designers?