Time for the pink pineapple sundress to head to its winter home, which is up my stairs to the “out-of-season” closets.

No matter what the weather is saying outside, Labor Day signals the summer-to-fall switch and Easter is the designated day to reverse it again. I sweat a little during the fall changeover and shiver for a time during the spring one. We fashion-focused people are always excited about the change of seasons and don’t mind rushing it a little.

Changing over my closets is actually something I genuinely enjoy. I relish “shopping my closet” as I discover the end-of-season deals I purchased on sale and forgot about. I like getting everything cleaned and organized, which protects my clothes and allows me to enjoy them for years. I’m a little compulsive about everything being organized, especially my closets.

I am obsessed with The Container Store and could browse there for hours finding things I didn’t even know I needed, but feed my need for neatness. Their smart products are especially helpful during these closet-reversing times.

Here are a few things I have learned that will hopefully be helpful to you:

  • These seasonal switchovers provide a perfect time to PURGE clothes taking up space that you no longer wear.  Donate things that you haven’t worn in a while, things that may require a major diet to wear again, or maybe that were just plain bad choices.  We all have things when getting caught up in the moment with a friend. Let someone who needs them enjoy them. There are also some wonderful consignment stores that will help you recoup some of the cost.
  • Invest in proper hangers that will keep your clothes fresher, have fewer wrinkles, extend the life of your clothes and make your closet look nicer. Padded hangers are best for jackets and knits. Non-slip, huggable hangers keep silky materials from slipping off. Notched hangers hold strappy tops. Cedar hangers are natural pest relent and absorb moisture. Tiered hangers hold multiple garments to save space.

  • Clean your clothes before you store them. You will enjoy having fresh, stain-free garments. For the things you dry clean, remove the bags because they can trap moisture and cause permanent stains. Vacuum, dust and clean or closets to make sure there is nothing there that insects would find delicious.
  • Eliminate odors to keep clothes fresh, no matter how many times you have worn them, by using fresheners designed for closets. They come scented or fragrance free. The many different forms of fresheners fascinate me. You can find hangers, sachets blocks, pellets or sprays.
  • Stackable storage bins provide an attractive, compact way to store T-shirts, sweaters, bathing suits and more to save precious closet hanging space. They come in a wide variety of sizes, styles, materials and colors. Some are designed specifically for using under beds.

  • Shelf organizers are among my favorite new finds. I especially like the dividers that keep my handbags in shape and organized.
  • Portable clothes racks for great closet overflow. I use them for coats that take up more than their fair share of closet space. Breathable covers can be used to protect your clothes.

My ultimate closet dream is to convert a spare room into a closet/dressing room where I can see everything for all seasons all the time. Someday….sigh…..

Tell Me: How do you prepare your closet for the change in seasons?