I always learn something valuable when chatting with one of my favorite friends, Barbara Tfank. In addition to being a talented and sought after designer for First Ladies, royalty and super stars in the world of entertainment, she is an expert at making women look their best and feel most confident, no matter their status in life. She is kind and caring to all.

As Barbara and I were catching up recently by phone, she shared one of the most important secrets to not only looking fabulous, but also how to shop your own closet and still be stylish and beautiful no matter how old the clothing. I thought you would appreciate her thought-provoking fashion comments and valuable information.

From the beautiful Barbara Tfank….

Why is it when a man is shopping for a new a suit, a tailor is summoned to the dressing room to advise how best to fit the suit and help decide if it’s the right choice!? Professional tailoring is part of the shopping experience for men. 

Most men enjoy wearing their suits for years on end.  I have one dapper friend whose fabulous wool tweed suit I admired on a cold January day in NY.   He exclaimed “Oh this suit… I’ve owned and loved for over ten years!”  It fit him like a glove!

In my experience woman often resist the need for a fitting. Perhaps the additional cost deters them. In this case, learn from the men. How many times have you opened your closet only to find yourself choosing the same frock over and over again and pushing others to the back? Chances are those lingering in the back have fit issues that have simply not been addressed!

Shopping one’s own closet benefits from a visit to your favorite tailor. It’s a great financial investment and quite a thrilling adventure to discover all those potential treasures simply in need of a nip and a tuck.

 Here are some common issues that can be corrected easily with a good tailor:

  • Incorrect or out date hemline, uneven hemline…riding up in the back is common.

  • Hemline wrong for your heel height

  • Shoulder strap too long or too short

  • Ill fitting darts under the bust and midriff area …too loose or too tight. 

  • Side seams too tight or too loose

Back to me again…

There you have it! One of the best-kept secrets, from one of the most talented designers, is to have clothing altered to fit you. This goes for all price ranges and categories, including jeans. Shop for the biggest part of your body and take the rest in. If you find something you love, but it’s a little too snug, try letting it out at the sides, or the zipper, or even cutting a slit in a skirt or dress. Streamline your silhouette by closing up pockets or removing bottom buttons from a blouse you tuck in.

The small cost of tailoring is an investment that will allow you to enjoy the item for many years. Every body is different and the right tailoring can make a garment you love, love you back. A favorite boutique or even a dry cleaner can help you find a good tailor. Look through your closet and bring life back to those garments hidden away or headed to the consignment shop.

Barbara Tfank designs clothing that is timeless, made of fabric she travels the world to find from the most talented artisans and craftsmen, and all made with exceptionally flattering details. I treasure my pieces from her and will wear them forever, and will now make sure they are well fitted.

Thank you, my friend, for this excellent fashion wisdom!

To learn more about Barbara Tfank and her magnificent designs, click here to visit her official website.