Confession: I’ve been a slave to my shoes my entire adult life. This fact was brought home to me when I read a recent survey saying that 68% of women buy their shoes for comfort and only 15% of us choose style over comfort and function.

While I’m not totally alone with my stylish shoe addiction, I was certainly in the minority. But alas, I’m changing my wayward ways and going with the crowd. It wasn’t the crippling foot pain, leg cramps, and back aches that made me reconsider my priorities. It was…Tah-Dah…. the SNEAKER!

When designers put sneakers on their models wearing high fashion dresses, skirts, cool pants and coats, they got my attention. I was won over when they began to embellish them with colorful laces, luxury fabrics, jewels and feathers. The transformation was complete and I decided to add some serious sneakers to my wardrobe.

When I first began shopping for sneakers, I was aghast at the price, thinking I could get show-stopping, elegant, elevating heels for that amount instead of clunky, heavy, rubbery footwear that I have to tie to stay on. But after I gave in and wore them, I realized the comfortable, cool sneakers are the better priced over the painful stilettos, made with half the leather and with very little to hold me up. What a revelation for me: fashion and comfort can co-exist.

I love the walking-on–a-cloud feeling and how my sneakers seem to energize me. Just in case they lose their fashion moment, I have collected a wardrobe of these comfy shoes over the past couple of years, most often buying them out of season on sale. I have high tops, low tops and slip-ons, some sleek and simple, others sparkly and jeweled. So even if the designers decide they are done with this feel good footwear, I’m not! No matter the trend, there is no turning back for me. I LIKE being comfortable.

My standbys are my black and gold sneakers that seem to go with most everything, somewhat like a basic black flat.

My embellished satin slip-ons inspired a little more bling to dress up my jeans.

Move from summer to fall by pairing a light-weight cashmere sweater with your cotton summer pants and jacquard sneakers in muted colors. To liven things a little, change out the soft gray laces for bright neon and matching earrings.

Simple low-key black and white pieces pop with a lady-like purse and pink sneakers for some easy shopping.

Those same pink sneakers with a denim jacket transform a party dress to more casual day time wear.

My comfy Panther blue sneakers and cozy black Valentino sweatshirt make navigating the Bank of America Stadium with my son much easier.

Tell Me: What’s your favorite way to style sneakers?