Next Wednesday and Thursday, May 17th and 18th , one of the most talented, accomplished and acclaimed fashion designers in the world will be appearing at Capitol Charlotte. If you’re in town, you should definitely make the time to meet this amazing woman and see her creations.

Barbara Tfank is known for her luxurious fabrics, colorful, flattering silhouettes and meticulous detail in each piece she designs. Her work exudes imagination, creativity and sophistication, as does the woman herself, but she is also one of the most thoughtful, kind and caring friends I am blessed to know. That combination is so very rare.

At one time, Barbara was a costume designer for major feature films and now her clothing designs are worn by some of the most famous women in the world. Just to name a few….

  • Singer Adele adores Barbara Tfank’s designs. She has worn them for the Annual Grammy Awards, MTV Awards, and at Sony’s Grammy Party celebrating her record-breaking six Grammys.
  • First Lady Michelle Obama is one of Barbara’s biggest fans and has worn her creations all over the world meeting other world leaders as well as special occasions here including her dress for the State of the Union address and many other special White House events.
  • Other notables wearing Barbara’s luxurious fashion works of art are Kate Winslet, Nicole Kidman, Rita Ora and many, many more.

You may be thinking that you could never splurge on a Barbara Tfank expertly designed and crafted, luxurious piece of clothing. Think again. It could be one of the best investments you make in your wardrobe. I have bought several of her beautiful pieces for special occasions and have worn them for years, dressing them up or down, wearing them with formals or jeans. I felt wonderful in them for the special occasion and continue to wear and treasure them over and over. They are timeless collectibles.

She doesn’t just design for super stars. Barbara is known for her fabulous brocade coats and perfectly fitted and flattering dresses, but she does so much more. I have colorful pants, vests, blouses and skirts that make whatever they are paired with more special. If I consider price per wear, then hers are some of the most economical ever. But most of all, they are gorgeous and make every woman feel special and beautiful whether we are attending a wedding, sitting in church, or going to a movie.

Barbara Tfank has made herself a notable force in fashion, respected and admired by all who know her. Yet with all of her success, she remains completely humble, down to earth and genuinely caring toward every person she meets. She treats us all as if we were starring in movie or meeting the Queen of England or hosting a White House event.





I am honored to call her friend and I hope you will take the time to meet this lovely woman and see her work at Capitol Charlotte, May 17 and 18th.

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