Now this is MY kind of home shopping network…a wonderful group of friends getting together in a beautiful home surrounded by all kinds of tempting clothing and jewelry. Add wine, and a few gourmet treats to graze on, and it becomes a festive occasion enjoyed by all: shoppers and sellers.

This new shopping trend makes it all so personal and more like a party, as opposed to the isolated online experience or trekking off on your own from store to store and then later experiencing shoppers’ remorse. With like-minded friends all around you to share their opinions and encouragement, you come away assured you have bought treasures. The esprit de corps leaves you with no guilt and eagerly looking forward to the next “party”.

I recently enjoyed this shopping experience at the gorgeous home of one of my most favorite and elegant friends: the amazing Pam Stowe.

I have long admired Pam’s exquisite taste and knew that I could not miss her “day of style and fun” as described in her Instagram invitation. She brought together some of her favorites, so I knew they would be mine, too! Also hosting was the lovely Whitley Adkins Hamlin, the very much admired and talented stylist, personal shopper and well-known blogger of The Queen City Style. Whitley’s fashion and style expertise make her a joy and good friend to have on a shopping excursion.

fashion friday barbara mckay

Another long time, special and stylish friend brought her beautiful, yet so very affordable jewels. Her unique costume jewelry can make an outfit! Laryn Adams, who previously  owned Chezlle, has chosen this method — instead of a store front — of presenting her cool, colorful and sometimes vintage-inspired jewelry. This allows her more time with her family, yet she is still able to stay in touch with her many loyal customers and fans.

Another jewelry designer, Hallie from Piet Jac Designs, brought her handsome handmade leather and bead designs inspired by her native South America. Her history and devotion to helping others make you proud to wear her one of a kind jewelry. Hallie is pursuing a career in medicine and travels to people in need around the world. Her unique designs support her efforts. 

Mary Beth Paulson, owner of House of Landor filled Pam’s lovely foyer with her vintage clothing in pristine condition and made us all sigh over the exquisite, luxurious fabrics and delicate details of 60’s and 70’s dresses, gowns, coats and gems. All are affordably priced. 

To round out the shopping extravaganza was Arzberger Stationers who has crafted fine stationery for 85 years. Their beautiful social stationery encourages me to write more and type less. 

Thank you, Pam, Whitley and all, for a delightful day of camaraderie, fellowship, and satisfying shopping!

Tell Me: Have you ever attended a pop-up shop or jewelry party? If so, how was your experience?