I’m off to start my Christmas shopping in my go-to winter outfit: my most comfortable black jeans, black sweater, black boots and a favorite Shrimps faux fur coat. I could not be more comfy than if I were in my flannel PJs, furry slippers and a fluffy robe, but this outfit is a lot more mall appropriate.

I have become a huge fan of Shrimps, a company that started just a few years ago. I love their coats, not because they look like fur (though they definitely do), but because they come in rainbow colors and flattering styles. The soft and silky texture is wonderful to the touch. These coats add a little glam to any outfit whether I am running errands, shopping or headed to a party. Whether dressed up or down, they are warm, cozy and cuddly. And to make this all even more delightful, every body type looks terrific in them, they are far more affordable than real fur and nothing had to die.

Shrimps was founded in London in 2013 by Hannah Weiland, a graduate of the London College of Fashion with a background of History of Art and a diploma in surface Textile Design. She says her goal was to create coats that are sweet, fun and welcoming. She did it. Her playful coats sure make me happy and always seem to bring a smile to others.

I’m hoping this fabulous fun faux fur pushes the real thing right out of the market. That would really make this animal lover happy!

My leopard Shrimps coat came from Capitol Charlotte. You can also shop at the Shrimps website. Many of them are on sale right now!

Tell Me: What’s your favorite cruelty-free brand?